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Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Environment

Saving energy, reducing waste and achieving clean production is our priority. In order to achieve this, we have implemented in a number of energy saving and recycling systems thoughout our factory. 

 Energy saving and recycling systems 

Alkaline etching tin recycle system, to reduce copper waste liquid, alkaline etching salt and ammonia water. Etched copper is recycled.

Waste water recycling system, to reduce water consumption, filter waste water and reuse in production.  

Copper recovery system for the SES line efficiency so that chemicals don't have to be bought and can recycle 100% of the copper.   

Waste recycling of e.g. carton boxes, plastic buckets, waste copper foil and waste drill tips. 

Hazardous waste, is separated, recycled and disposed by qualified suppliers.

Use of hydropower.

At Starteam, we fulfil and cooperate wih suppliers who also fulfil the emission standards issued by the Bureau of Ecology and Environment of Mianyang. These standards also conforms to the Chinese government emission standards and follow strict environmental management requirements such as ISO 14001:2015.