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Social Responsibility

Green Logistics. How far are we?


Delighting with Sustainability is our Company Vision, and with the emergence of COVID-19 we have seen the importance clearer than ever before. To us, being Green for Logistics is a crucial part in our decision making and values. Sinceit is a highly complex situation, we believe there is still a lot of room for improvement and a long way to go until we’ve reached a satisfactory result. We would like to contribute to the environmental protection by increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 emission. One way we plan on reaching these targets is by offering more sustainable logistic solutions, which at the same time are still a cost-effective solution to satisfy our customer’s needs. 


We plan on getting there in a progressive way. In 2021 we will mainly focus on designing and building up a systematic mechanism which identifies and monitors Starteam CO2 emission from various transportation modes. Without identifying and understanding our current position we will not be able to tackle the issue most effectively. 



To be exact, there is a 3-step approach in the motions to strengthen our foundations. Firstly, we will develop an efficient way of measuring CO2 emission for all major transport modes. Following that we will design and create a system which can generate a complete picture of  Starteam CO2 emission. Finally, all the data will be fed into our system to efficiently analyse it. 


We introduced rail delivery in 2019 and today 30% of all our shipments are being delivered by train. When comparing air and sea transit, rail is a lot greener. We are confident that this was a step in the right direction. By having detailed CO2 emission results and analysis we can decided where we want to be as a Green Logistics Solution Provider, and from there we can properly defined our reduction target and decide which actions need to be taken. 



“Rome was not built in a day”- We are motivated and excited to continue our development and be as sustainable as possible. 

“罗马不是一天建成的“ —— 我们充满动力和兴奋地朝着可持续发展的方向迈进。