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Social Responsibility

Corporate Training


Starteam has always prioritized the wellbeing and development of our team. Even more so during these difficult times. During the pandemic, the whole world has been forced to change and for some adapting to these changes can be quite stressful. In September 2020, Starteam kicked off a 12-month program with a two-day workshop delivered by Progress-U, a multinational coaching organization, specializing in leadership coaching and corporate culture. 

The program focuses on the CML and Starteam corporate culture, closing the cultural gaps between trading and manufacturing operations and creating a highly-engaged workforce with the German quality mindset. 

Throughout the workshop, there was a lot of reflection, sharing, discussion, analysis and brainstorming of solutions.

We saw everybody was very passionate about their life and job, showed willingness to learn and to be open minded.   The workshop provided the opportunity for each participant to understand more about themselves, and their colleagues by showing vulnerabilities.  

The most powerful part was reflection and creating strong awareness and understanding of others’ pain-points, issues and challenges which is pivotal to promote our 4 values – Trust, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork. They demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility, trust of each other, good attitude and active participation.   With the positive impact of the workshop on our team, we believe we have planted the seed and had the momentum to go through the journey together and achieve the objective of the program.