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Social Responsibility

Starteam Contributed to Society


Under the cooperation of the IT department, the employees of Starteam have already used the newest IT infrastructure. We can communicate in the same time zone with our Team. From all CML offices, we are connected to the production line in Starteam with our global IT infrastructure. Engineering solutions, Delivery Dates or requested Quality reports – all this can be provided in your mother tongue and “live”  through our unique global set-up.   


Now all the computers can share the screen, which is of great help to our work efficiency, and can also improve the shoulder and cervical diseases caused by some colleagues'  long-termneed to deal with documents in front of the computer.

现在所有的电脑都可以共享屏幕,这对我们的工作效率有很大的帮助。还有电脑灵活调节支架, 这可以很好的改善一些同事长期需要在电脑前处理文件而导致的肩周和颈椎疾病。

Do you know where is the company's old computers?


In Jiangyou, there are still elementary schools with limited access to computers education. After investigation, we chose JiangyouFangshui Primary School as the donation recipient, mainly considering that the primary school teaching does not require high computer configuration. You can see how happy the kids are!


We would like to do what we can do to help those who need help in the future.