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Our Services

Technical Solutions

We oversee every aspect of your unique PCB requirements: from research, development, to new product introduction and from mass production to end of life – allowing you to focus on your core business. 

Our German quality mindset and strict audit system is implemented at every stage of the production process for your PCB project. All of our PCBs are produced seamlessly and adhere to international quality standards to fit your specific needs. 

You can also benefit from high data integrity and a sophisticated filter to clarify important technical complications. Our engineers can provide technical consultations and cost engineering solutions for your project before it proceeds to mass production. With our solutions, we can achieve the most reliable and cost efficient PCBs for you. 

You can count on us for a robust and highly efficient design.


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Quality Assurance

We produce reliable and high-quality PCBs via competitive manufacturing processes and a quality management system under a zero-defect philosophy. Starteam is ISO 9001, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 qualified. To ensure and adhere to the strict automotive quality standards, we perform annual internal audits according to VDA 6.3 standards. 


We have a task force onsite, consisting of IPC certified trainers and specialists, resident engineers, supplier & customer quality assurance teams for audits, technical and quality support.


We take accountability for all our boards. All initial samples are checked thoroughly with our own IPC certified specialists, with total product ownership where our  UL logo is proudly printed on all our PCBs. What’s more, we also implement continuous improvement process and training programs for our team.

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Flexible Logistics Solutions

The location of Starteam and the global connection is a strength that will benefit our customers, globally. We can offer air freight and most importantly, weekly rail freight from Chengdu to central Europe. Starteam is one of the few PCB factories in China that can offer rail freight directly to European destinations. 

Our weekly rail freight from Chengdu to Germany, reduces the transit time by approximately 40%. With a higher frequency of departures and shorter transit time, it allows you to get your products to your customers in a shorter time - which could open more market opportunities for you. Rail freight is more sustainable as the carbon emission is approx. 90% less compared to air freight.

As Starteam is so well connected, our customers located in China and other parts of Asia, can also benefit from the variety of delivery methods we have to offer.

Ordering your PCBs from Starteam has clear benefits. Our professional logistics team can always handle and support the procedures such as cargo document checks, customs clearance and tracking so that your PCBs can arrive seamlessly at your dedicated location. 

Warehousing Solutions

  • Our customers often face similar challenges when it comes to stock levels and securing their supply chain, such as:

  • - Limited space for storage
    - Lag time between restocking
  • - Risk of stock-out
    - Financial inflexibility and cash flow because capital is tied up in inventory

With local warehouses we can provide flexible and resilient solutions like consignment, Kanban, delivery schedules, for your supply chain. Your stock will be seamlessly replenished, and the risk of stock outs are minimized. Our fully integrated solutions will help your company to reduce internal costs and increase on-time performance at the same time.