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Company News

Company News

Covid-19 Updates 17th, March, 2020


Starteam resumed much earlier than most China factories since 3rd Feb. There are only 6 infections in Jiangyou and all of them have recovered since mid of Feb. With more than 90% workers are Sichuan locals, unnecessary to travel during Chinese New Year holiday, Starteam’s manpower is the most healthily sufficient among all our suppliers. Besides, materials were prepared more than enough to respond to local government’s urgent project, PCBs of medical thermometers comply with national epidemic prevention policies. Sichuan also benefited with more diversify logistic options includes train, flights and ships to minimize lead time, Starteam delivered outstanding performance of 2 weeks faster than industry average in Feb. Until March, we have been receiving increasing China and overseas orders for many urgent customers. Production is currently performing.