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In the past few month’s PCB laminates and base material costs have seen a dramatic rise. The natural consequences of this inflation besides the higher production costs are the unavailability of certain materials paired with longer delivery lead times. A problem like this will destabilize any supply chain, or that’s what you may think. 


Over the years our sourcing and purchase department have invested a considerable amount of resources in researching alternative material combinations and have been able to make significant steps forward.


Two of our most experienced engineers, Mr. Martin Schneider, Director of Engineering and Tobias Jerzembek, Engineering Manager at CML & Starteam have given us some of their time to share their insights on the current situation and how we can overcome this unfavourable situation with strategic solutions that will at the same time open new doors for the future.

CML & Starteam两个最有经验的工程师,Martin Schneider和Tobias Jerzembek给我们分享了他们对当前局面的见解以及如何克服这种不利的形势及其战略解决方案,为未来打开了新的大门。 

1. What solutions are there to manage the aforementioned challenges?


At CML & Starteam , our main goal and mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations, no matter what the current circumstances are. We have been heavily investing in new solutions and materials throughout the years, in order to find alternatives that will help us navigate through any possible challenges i.e. basic material shortages, price increases and longer lead times. Our aim is very clear: as a global PCB manufacturer and supplier, it is our responsibility to be ready and face any market challenges. No matter how tricky a situation may become, we will ensure that our customers won’t bear any consequences.

在CML & Starteam,无论面对何种状况,我们的主要目标和使命是努力做到超出客户的期望值。 多年来,我们一直在大量投资开发新的解决方案和增加物料,为了找到替代材料来帮助我们应对任何可能的挑战,如基础材料短缺,价格上涨和更长的交货期。 我们的目标非常明确: 作为全球PCB制造商和供应商,我们有责任做好准备并面对任何市场挑战。 无论情况有多棘手,我们都保证不会让客户承担任何后果。 

CML & Starteam has worked closely with relevant base material suppliers over the past few years, building great partnerships while already having established delivery agreements. Specifically, for FR4 base material we have been able to form strategic partnerships with certain manufacturers and have already officially qualified these base materials with our customers.

在过去的几年中,CML & Starteam与相关的基础材料供应商紧密合作,建立了良好的合作伙伴关系,同时已经建立了交付协议。 具体来说,对于FR4基材,我们已经能够与原材料制造商建立战略合作伙伴关系,并已与客户正式认证这些基材。


 2. Do you have examples of successful implementation of these solutions in the past?


In the past some of our customers have faced the common issue of white solder mask peeling off when it encountered Immersion Tin in the production process. To combat this issue, we looked for an in-house solution through our joint venture CML Chemistry. Through CML Chemistry we were able to come up with a solution by fine tuning the solder mask application and adjusting the pre-treatment of Immersion Tin. 

以前,在沉锡生产过程中,常见的问题是白油脱落。 为了解决这个问题,我们通过合资公司CML Chemistry寻求内部解决方案。CML Chemistry能够通过细调白油应用和调整浸锡前处理来解决问题。  

CML Chemistry was initiated a few years ago in order to make ourselves more independent of global surface chemical players. While qualifying new suppliers, we stumbled across a working partnership which gave birth to CML Chemistry.  Now that all the physical properties have undergone thorough compatibility checks comparable alternatives can be found in almost all areas. An outlook that provides clear cost saving potential.

CML Chemistry成立于几年前,目的是使我们自己更加独立于全球表面处理的参与者中并成为佼佼者。 在认证新供应商时,我们意外的发现了CML Chemistry 这个合作伙伴。 由于所有的物理性能都经过了彻底的兼容性检查,几乎在所有领域都可以找到类似的替代品。 这一前景提供了明显的成本节约潜力。 


Increasing cost of Immersion Gold Finishing is a common production difficulty faced. A customer from the white goods industry came to us with a project for a boiler application that they were open to incorporate alternative materials in. Their wish was to reduce the production cost of the boards while not compromising on quality or efficiency. Our engineering teams at CML and Starteam consulted on the panel design, with a final result of a switch from Immersion Gold to Immersion Tin, a shift which saved them 25% in production costs.

沉金加工成本的增加是生产中普遍面临的困难。 一个来自白色家电行业的客户带着一个锅炉应用项目来找我们,他们愿意在其中考虑替代材料。 他们的愿望是降低电路板的购买成本,同时保证质量或效率。 CML和Starteam的工程团队咨询了拼板设计方面的问题,最终从沉金转向沉锡,这一转变为他们节省了25%的购买成本。  

CML & Starteam have a number of technical engineers stationed around our various locations which are always available for a consultation upon request. Panel design, cost saving opportunities or any other matter- our engineering team will be there to assist you.

CML & Starteam有许多技术工程师驻扎世界各地,随时可以接受咨询。 拼板设计,成本节省的机会或任何其他事项,我们的工程团队都会帮您解决。   

3. With all these things considered what is your prognosis for the future?


There will always be unforeseen challenges that we will tackle in our respective markets. The key is to stay flexible and open throughout. We always strive to find innovative solutions that provide value, to not just our customers, but entire communities. Besides wanting to offer our customers better prices, shorter lead times and a more reliable supply chain, we put a lot of value on sustainability. Continued investing into new and sustainable materials & solutions will ensure that we will break further ground in the search of advanced solutions.  In a time of uncertainty CML and Starteam are in a very good position to support our partners. 

在我们各自的市场上,总会有一些不可预见的挑战需要我们去应对,关键是要始终保持灵活和开放的态度。 我们一直努力寻找创新的解决方案,不仅为我们的客户,而且为整个供应链提供价值。 除了为客户提供更有竞争力的价格、更短的交货周期和更可靠的供应链外,我们还非常重视可持续性发展。 继续投资于新的可持续发展的材料和解决方案,同时也为确保我们在寻找先进的解决方案方面取得进一步的突破。 在这个材料供应多变的状况下,CML和Starteam在支持我们的合作伙伴方面处于非常有利的位置。 

Do you have any specific PCB challenges? Reach out to Martin and his team at CML & Starteam: