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Company News

Company News

How does CML provide secure shipment for your PCBs and reduce transit times by almost 40%?


How does CML provide secure shipment for your PCBs and reduce transit times by almost 40%?


We are pleased to announce that our factory Starteam is one of the few PCB manufacturers in China to offer rail shipment directly to Central Europe. 



                                       Most Economical and Timely Solution


Your orders are shipped out from our factory via Chengdu station to Germany. The transit time for deliveries via rail takes an average of 27 days, making it approximately 15 days faster than sea. This makes your supply chain more flexible and efficient. This means you can get your products to your customers on time or sooner, opening more market opportunities for you.


Sustainability, reducing Carbon Footprint by up to 90%


Carbon footprint for rail freight from China to Europe compared to other shipment modes like air is reduced up to 90% and 30% for sea.



Global Logistics Support


There are clear benefits when you order your PCBs from CML and Starteam because we take care of your products at every step of the way. Thanks to our experienced global logistics team, customs clearance is seamlessly realized in no time with your orders arriving safely to your dedicated location.


To put it simply - you order, and we always deliver because we are more than a manufacturer.



For more information about our logistics solutions and other PCB manufacturing services, please visit our website.