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Company News

Company News

Starteam Passed the ISO13485 Audit


We are happy to share a good news here, we have passed the stage 2 audit of ISO13485 with a minor non-conformance and will get the certificate at the beginning of next month.


The auditor not only affirmed the foundation of our quality management system, but also praised our ability to response for the problems in the stage 1 audit. In Jiangyou, a small city located in the southwest border of China, it is very valuable to have such enterprise and management teams as Starteam. She expects us to keep up with the Times.


At the same time, she also put forward some observations and suggestions to help each department optimize our daily work based on the standard requirements. We will continue to push our teammates to achieve higher standards.



This audit took less than three months from project approval to completion, which fully demonstrated the speed and execution of Starteam. We are rapidly developing and adapting to the external environment to enhance our competitiveness.



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