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Company News

Company News

Rewards from Senior Leaders of Mianyang City to Starteam


Mianyang’s Chairman of National People's Congress Standing Committee’s (绵阳人大代表委员会主任) and Mianyang’s Director of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC’s visited Starteam with their teams yesterday.


Senior leaders of the government came to review enterprises’ rework and epidemic prevention processes. With HB’s lead and explanation, both Mianyang leaders were highly satisfied to Starteam’s production and all measures we have done for the past weeks.


To reward for Starteam’s outstanding performance and comply with national epidemic prevention policies, below items are being confirmed:


1. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC will proactively connect and support Starteam’s future recruitment


2. A return of a part of the social insurance fees for period Feb-Jun 2020 to Starteam

    将2020年2 - 6月期间的部分社会保险费用返还给星联电子

3. A subsidy for each worker for Starteam’s efficient production of medical thermometers in Feb 2020


Before anything else, preparation is the key to success – by Alexander Graham Bell

做任何事情之前,准备是成功的关键 - 亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔

Some enterprises suffered in past weeks while Starteam has successfully demonstrated how to create series of new opportunities with all our previous well prepared work.



Thank you again to global ONETEAM’s support, with all passions and contribution from you, we would stand even stronger!