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Company Background

About Starteam

About Starteam

SINCE 2013

Strategically Located

Starteam is a German PCB manufacturer in Sichuan, China. We specialize in providing the best PCB manufacturing solutions for you. Our PCBs are widely used in the automotive, medical, communication, industrial, consumer and other fields. 

Throughout the years we have continued to make improvements and great changes through expansion and investments. Thanks to our determination to flourish, Starteam has been recognized as an official national high technology company by the Sichuan Chinese government.

  • 450+


  • 30000 

    of production area

  • 50000 m²/month

    Capacity 2021

  •  Favorable Location & Prospering Economy

    Favorable Location & Prospering Economy

    Sichuan located in south western China is the fifth largest province with a total of 485,000sqk and nearly 90 million population.

    Starteam is easily accessible and has a strong logistics network with a global connection. Hourly high-speed train network connecting Jiangyou and Chengdu within 1.5 hours. Chengdu is accessible with international flights from Europe and other parts of Asia.

    Sichuan being an economic powerhouse, with many opportunities and potential. This attracts and retains talents and workers in the province.
    Our team of employees all live locally within commuting distance, so there is no need for dormitories on site.
  •  German Quality Mindset

    German Quality Mindset

    Our primary focus is to produce reliable and high quality boards via competitive manufacturing processes for PCBs that will meet your needs.

    To strive for zero defect, all our PCBs are checked by IPC-A-600 certified inspectors. We perform regular trainings based on automotive requirements and concept e.g. IATF16949, VDA 6.3 and IPC-A-600 standard. Regular internal audits are also conducted according to VDA 6.3 standards by certified auditors.
Our Mission

Our Mission

At Starteam, reliable connections are our passion and purpose. We exist to create reliable connections on a product and human level.


  • Technology:



    1-8 layers, IMS (aluminum substrate), special material, heavy copper, depth routing, core lamination buried vias and blind vias, resin plugged + cap plating​
  • Sample lead time:


    Sample lead time:

    5-10 days
  • Mass production lead time:


    Mass production lead time:

    10-28 days