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CML Chemistry

CML Chemistry

CML Chemistry is a strategic partnership with Immersion SN company Innotech and CML.

CML Chemistry is a joint venture specializing in Immersion Plating Technology and with the support of our partner, Innotech. With our own chemical plant, our customers can take advantage of the optimized assembly lines to maximize the benefits of Immersion Tin and the quality assurance. 

Qualification boards were produced with two different market leading Immersion Tin products. Qualification tests, based on IPC norms, were performed by an independent qualified laboratory - SGS-CSTC Ltd. Shenzhen Branch. 

Test Conducted

  • Tin Thickness Tests
  • AES Test
  • Solderability Tests
  • Ionic Contamination Test
  • Surface Insulation Resistance Test
  • Adhesion Test
  • Tin Whisker Evaluation Test

Based on the result of the tests, it was concluded that our selected Immersion Tin product is qualified for use on our printed circuit boards, included those intended for automotive applications. Many of our customers are renowned brands in the automotive industry, trust and approve of CML Chemistry and Starteam.